Downtown Abbey and Cloche Hats.... Ideas to crochet.

And Cloche hats,Gorgeous.Good idea to crochet some of them.I like them,not for me but,just for the satisfaction of making them,could be a great gift.
What do you think?

I'm sharing a couple of blogs with their own patterns and finished hats
1. " Irka " ( Spanish ) free pattern,easy to follow.
2. " Madres Inperactivas " ( Spanish ) also free pattern
3." Madres Inperactivas "  ( Spanish ) Downtown Abbey ,Cloche Style
CRAFTSY has few beautiful patterns.
 I really love the hats.

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Kate dijo...

I love cloche hats. I'd like to make one for myself. Thanks for the pattern links. Blessings :-)

Oso Polar / Polar Bear