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Christmas Elves / Duendes Navideños

Hi beautiful friends,I had a great time making these lovely elves.getting some stuff ready for Christmas...may be to early but ....better on time than late. Pattern by " Es Un Mundo Amigurumis " Wishing you all a great and blessed weekend. have fun ,enjoy the family and  Happy Crocheting ! :)

Mini Christmas Stocking English Pattern

Happy Weekend  and Happy Crocheting ! :0)

Mini Christmas Stocking / Mini Botitas para el Arbolito and Pattern

Punto Elastico para el final de la bota,utilizando 1/2 s Varetas con la tecnica de el Punto Elastico Aca les dejo el link para el video  " PUNTO ELASTICO "

Happy crocheting ! Wishing you a great weekend . :0)

Small Christmas Stocking / Botita de Navidad

Happy Crocheting ! :)

The Guardian Grandmas , December batch in a process ( Christmas Theme )

In a process , :) Good sale in Michael's ....2  for $6.00 dollars...! Happy Crocheting !

Loom to make flowers applique

Video , " Comotelar.com Flower Video "
Happy Sunday to all of you and  Happy Crocheting !

Baby Hat ....knitting with knifty knitter looms

Necesitas clases por videos de telares...ok...vamos a, Comotelar.com  Both English and Spanish video lessons.

Beanie Hat .....Happy Sunday to all of you !

Happy Sunday to all of You !

Round Scarf / Bufanda Estilo Circular and my Lovely and Gorgeous Granddaughter Zoe Ann.

Free Pattern here Round Scarf Hoping you like it... :) I have being absent ,....just enjoying my granddaughter " Zoe Ann " ....last Monday night my daughter  in law started the contractions .....soooo...later on Tuesday Morning my lovely Zoe Ann came to this "her new world" God Bless her"...I'm very,very happy. Here I'm leaving a couple pictures, My Son,My Daugther in law and her mom  " my lovely granddaughter Zoe " Anabel,my son and my daughter in law , Christine and my  lovely Zoe Ann. Zoe Ann Casanova Born - October the 1st-2013