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Giraffe and free pattern / Jirafa y su patron gratis.

Pattern by  Emma at " I Love Buttons By Emma" I love the pattern and enjoyed making it .Thanks Emma.Til' next time :0) *** Patron de Emma de su blog "I Love Buttons By Emma" Muy lindo blog , nos ofrece este patron gratuito,muy lindo ,lo difrute. Hasta la proximaaaa :0) Happy Crocheting !

The Guardian Grandmas Beanie Hats

10 beanies are done.

If you wants or need more Info about this lovely group " The Guardian Grandmas " , just visit  Mrs Debi at  "Dly's Hooks and Yarn" .... Ready to put in the mail this week. Thanks Mrs. Debi for the oportunity of participating in this group. Happy week and Happy Crocheting! :0)

Baby beanie - doggie

Pattern-English 3 months old baby Hook # 5.0 mm USA Cotton-Peaches and Cream Fabric Buttons
1.) magic ring -here we make 10  - 1/2 double crochets 2.) chain 2 ---then 2 - 1/2 double crochets on each of the stitches 3.) chain 2--- then 2 -1/2 double crochets in the first stitch , 1 - 1/2 double crochets in the next -repeat all around 4.) chain 2---then 2 - 1/2 double crochets in the first stitch , 1 - 1/2 double crochets in the next 2 stitches -repeat all around 5.) chain 2 then ---2 -1/2 double crochets in the first stitch , 1 - 1/2 double crochet in the next 7 stitches , repeat all around 6.) to 12.) chain 2  ---then 1 -1/2 double crochet in all the stitches around. 13.) last row ---- only single crochets all around....fasten off ....and you are done. *** This is how to joint each and all the rows/ Como unir todas las vueltas al final de cada una de ellas. Inspitartion in "Repeat Crafter Me " *** Sorry ,it is in Spanish but picture can speak. *** Patron-Español Bebe de 3 meses …

Woman Hat / Sombrero para mujer

Stitch for the brim. Just follow the pattern as it is,no decreasing,no increasing. Work just perfect
Materials Lion Brand Easy Cotton Hook 3.75 mm USA Ribbon for the bow. *** This is not the color I eant to use for the bow...it is temporary only,I didn't have the beige color ...but I will buy it this weekend and put it on .this color is not my favor one at all. *** h Have a wonderful and blessed weekend ! *** Happy Crocheting! :0)

Patron de el Gorro Pitufo :)

Gorro Pitufo
Tamaño de 40 centimetros - 15 pugadas.


Lana Acrilica o Algodon  Blanco y Azul
Gancho # 5.0 mm USA

Recomendaciones - Tejer en Espiral , si asi lo deseas... Si vas a tejer en vueltas individuales como YO lo hice , entonces deberas seguir estos pasos.....En el comienzo de cada  una de las vueltas debes siempre tejer 2 cadenas , estas 2 cadenas NO cuentan como el primer punto ,el primer punto siempre se teje en el mismo lugar que tejemos las 2 cadenas y de ahi continuamos.
Pinchar la foto para agrandar. Comienzo del Gorro
Como unir el final de cada vuelta ( si no tejemos en espiral ).
Comecemos a tejer.
1. ( Con color Blanco ) Anillo magico , aqui mismo tejemos 9 medias varetas.

2. Tejemos 2 medias varetas en cada uno de los puntos.
3. Tejemos 2 medias varetas en el primer punto  y 1 media vareta en el siguiente y repites asi toda la vuelta

4. Tejemos 2 medias varetas en el primer punto y 1 media vareta en los 2 puntos siguientes y repites toda la


Smurf Beanie Hat - Pattern coming soon. / Gorro Pitufo- Patron en Proceso.

Hello my lovely friends....just popping here to greet and show you this cute "Smurf Beanie", working on the pattern........Pattern  coming this weekend.Stay tune..... :0) Happy Crocheting !

Sombrero para mujer / Woman Hat Pattern

I have some friends asking for this pattern,hoping you also like it .Enjoy it and  Happy Crocheting ! *** Aqui esta el patron de sombrero que varias amigas han preguntado por el,asi que aca les va ,difrutenlo , Happy Crocheting!

Painting Zoe's Onesies - Practicing after 25 years

Testing....it's just a test.  Using Iron Transfers.
Happy Sunday to all my beautiful friends.As you can see I have putting myself to the painting,after 25 years when I was pregnant of my daughter ,Vangie....she is now 25 years old....just want to make something for my future and first grandchild , Zoe Ann ,...it is a challege for me  because I should not use cotton ...but grandma wants something more ,and this is what  had start with... it is not perfect ,That kit of tubes (paints) I bougth them like 3 years ago to paint some pillow cases ,after that went straight to the crafts room. I need to make at least a couple of baby blankies too.Looking for the free time to make them with her name too. Thanks for always visiting,love you all. Xo,Xo,Xo Happy Crafting! :0) *** Hola mis queridas amigas,como ya podran observar me he vuelto a poner en la practica de pinturas para bebes,despues de 25 años cuando le prepare la canastilla a mi hija Vangie que ya hoy dia tiene 25 años de edad. Le…