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Sock Monkey Beanie for Zoe , size 3 to 6 months.

Sock Monkey Beanie Hat for Zoe. Pattern by Repeat Crafter Me Thank you very much to Mrs.Sara,she has a wonderful blog ,full of gorgeous crochet patterns and lots of crafts projects.let's go there and have fun in her blog. Thanks to all of yoy for always leaving to me warm and sweet comments. Happy crocheting ! :0)

Baby Beanies for Zoe Ann

Some of them are larger than the others.Pattern is made for the smaller ones.

I used double yarn in order to have a chunky result.I could not find the colors I was looking for.That was my only choice , to use double yarn and start crocheting.
Caron Simply Soft Yarn ,1 skein from Bernat ,chunky,for the white beanie.I will show later during the week.
Some appliques from E Bay. Pattern-Patron below/abajo
Hi lovely friends,these are some of the beanies I'm making for Zoe Ann, some in pink,light yellow and light green ....now I need to make the white and also a blue one,her mom wants me to make a sock monkey beanie and some others .....I will make them too but in larger sizes,babies grow to fast.Hoping you like them.Wishing you all a great week. Happy Crocheting! :0) *** Hola mis amores , aca les muestro en lo que me encuentro tejiendo para Zoe Ann,algunos gorritos para cuando nasca.Me falta el azul y el blanco.tambien su mama quiere que le teja el de "Sock Monkey" y algunos…

Chunky baby beanie hat .....A test / a Prueba.

A Test. Chunky Yarn.
 the thickness in yarns,/la diferencia en lanas thick and thin  gruesa y mas fina  Hook # 8/Gancho # 8 By Lion Brand

This is only a test for a newborn baby,I was so eager to make and learn how to make a beanie hat for a newborn with a thicker yarn....it was very,very easy and quick.Decorations are coming later .....flowers,bows ...and more. This is not the color of my taste,just using some I had in a bascket for years...I thought it would be a great idea for a test....and this is the result.I have seen so many baby beanie hats with Chunky yarn that I was so desperate to make one....but now that my granddaughter is coming soon ...I gave it a try to this Chunky Yarn..Next time I'm coming with a baby color for " Zoe Anne" .  If you have any suggestions for a newborn size....Please ...let me know. I will appreciate it. Thanks and have a blessed week. Happy Crocheting! :0) *** Este gorrito ha sido una prueba,por el color tan raro,no es de mi gusto.Solo …

Amineko ....despues de un año...after a year.

Hi friends....after a year I had Amineko connected.I was not inspired to do it. After seeing so many friends posting theirs ( Amineko ) ....I have decided to sit down and finished it......just now.....and this the result.Thanks for always visiting and for your time. Happy Crocheting ! :0) *** Hola amigas...despues de un año de tener a Amineko en piezas finalmente senti la inspiracion de todas las lindas amigas participando del CAL de Jazmin ....dePasion por el Ganchillo.....que conste que YO no estoy incluida en el CAL,,....fui invitada por Jazmin pero no estaba segura si podria terminalo de armar.....No me gusta quedar mal......,pero me inspiraron a coserlo y armarlo.Muchisimas gracias a todas por su tiempo ,sus palabras y sus visitas.Sin ustedes no podria continuar ...son todas mi inspiracion en muchos momentos de mi vida en el crochet. Happy Crocheting ! :0)

Duck / Una Patita

How to connect them in my own procedure. here "Connecting Amigurumis " *** Conectando en mi propio procedimiento. Aqui, "Conectando Amigurumis"


and this is the result. Note: I had make some changes on this amigurumi,I had change the legs and the beak.Just flattern the beek to make it seeing real ....plus the legs to make them seeing more like a duckling. BUT...this is the original pattern I had use.The pattern I used for the legs is not here because it is not completely correct .I know you can make it.The eyes ,I had put them in a better way to look more like a duckling,don't you think?...hoping you like it.Til' next time. Thanks for always visiting...hugs, Happy Crocheting! :0) ** Este fue el rsultado de un dia de trabajo con esta Patita,la queria que se viera un poco mas real.El patron es totalmente el mismo...SOLO que YO modifique las patas y el pico porque queria algo mas original a un patito. El patron que use para las patas NO esta comp…

Monkey / Monita ....by Luna

Happy Sunday to all of you ! *** Feliz Domingo a todos. *** This a cute monkey for my future Granddaughter " Zoe Ann Casanova ",coming to this world in september 2013.....with the Grace of God ...I'm so excited to see my baby around the family,my son and my daughter in law are in all the painting and the baby's room decoration.Everything with a very  light green and  very light yellow.So this cute monkey will be part of Zoe's room decoration. Hoping you like,I don't a pattern yet . Thanks for visiting and enjoy this beautiful Sunday arounf your family. Xo,Xo,Xo Happy Crocheting ! :0) *** Esta monita fue tejida especialmente para mi futura nieta " Zoe Ann Casanova" que vendra a este mundo para Septiembre 2013 ...si Dios lo permite....estoy super emocionada,contenta y decesperada por ver mi angelito estar alrrededor de nuestra familia.Todo sera decorado en su cuarto de dormitorio en color verdecito clarito y amarillito clarito.Entonces esta monita se…