Headband -Tutorial / Diadema -Paso a Paso

Steps to Follow,
pasos a seguir,

Tip: After finishing the last stitch (6) you have to " chain 1" and turn.Always use the 1st stitch  for the # 1 single crochet and continue until you had reach the 6th stitch ,chain 1 and turn.

Note: Also you can make a headband with 4 stitches or 5 any amount  of stitches you might need and depending on the head measurements.
For baby ,you have to look for a smaller size of the ponytail elastic bands.They comes in  many colors.
 Keep working until reaching your desired length.

Sewing the crocheted flower.

Headband is done , something quick, a nice gift or for yourself.
This is a Step by Step Headband  for my friend from " The Crafty Homeschool Mom " and all of you too... she has a beautiful blog ,she had ask me for some help on how to make a headband.
For now this is a simple way to make one with a simple "single crochet stitches" ...you can use double crochet,1/2 double crochet or any other pattern.Later I will have another one with a different stitch.For the dtails you can use any crochet pattern for the flower ,a heart or any other applique you might want to use.....even buttons .Excuse me for any misspelling.
Hope you all can enjoy my friend and start making one for a Valentine's Day gift.
Happy crocheting !
Hola Amigas , este paso a paso fue preparado para mi amiga de " The Crafty Homeschool Mom " y todas ustedes tambien,ella me pregunto por alguna ayuda para tejer unas de mis diademas y quise comenzar por algo sencillo y facil para ella.Como ustedes ya saben se pueden tejer con cualquier punto de tejidos,este fue tejido con puntos medios o bajos como le decimos algunas personas.....pero lo pueden elaborar con varetas,medias varetas y hasta con conchas y demas puntos.mas tarde en el mes estare tejiendo otra con otro punto.
espero les guste y tejas alguna para quizas algun regalito de el dia de la amistad o quizas para ustedes mismas.Las quiero mucho y que tengan una linda semana.
Happy Crocheting"
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