Have a wonderful weekend,mother nature/ Pasen un maravilloso fin de semana , madre naturaleza.

 In a process , ????
En proceso.????
 Just relaxing outside after a long,long and rough day at work full of stress.
Relajandome despues de un largo pero largo dia de trabajo lleno de mucha presion y stress.
 Shilo is one of my best friends in the house,he was relaxing too,we both outside in the yard.Choco did not want to come with us.he stayed in with my daughter.
Shilo is a whipped / Italian greyhound...we love him so much.He is so nice and sweet.
 Shilo es uno de mis mejores amigos en la casa,el tambien se relajaba afuera en patio conmigo,ya lo podran notar en la foto mirando al aire y relajandose.Choco no quiso estar conmigo hoy ,se quedo adentro con mi hija.Shilo es un Italian greyhound que adramos y queremos muchisimo,es bien bueno,dulce y obediente.Choco es mas introvertido.
 Birds and pingeons flying and chirping around,love them too.
Pajaros y palomas volando y cantando alrrededor del patio,los amo,me encantan.
 Also watering my plants.
Tambien regando mis plantas
After all, can't complain, I'm enjoying this Friday afternoon, going back to work tomorrow morning and Sunday and Monday off. :0)
Thank you.
Love you all !

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