To all my friends and "The Crafty Homeschool Mom "

Hi Friends ,this is to share this beautiful ripple pattern with you all.Specially to " The Crafty Homeschool Mom "
When making ripple stitches  just be sure how big your project will be,Example 50 inches ,90 inches and so,so.....then that how you will be rippling  your project.This pattern here says " multiple of 17,
ok then if your project is 50 inches wide .....then you have to repeat this pattern as many times you need to reach 50 inches wide ....
Example :
here this pattern says multiple of 17 .....if you add 17 plus 17 = 34 if you go back to the pattern and start counting the chains will  see and counted 34 ......this is the pattern you have to follow as many times you need it for your project.You have to count 34 may be 15 times to reach  the size of your afghan or project.Also follow the stitches as the pattern is showing .The end always has to be the same.....just follow a pattern to practice and you will see how easy it will be....hoping this can help you rippling ....:0) 
 See you all soon !

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