Lily Flower - granny and the pattern.

Hi everyone ! thanks for all your support , for been in there , for crocheting with me ./ Hola a todas ! gracias por todo su apoyo , por estar ahi y por tejer conmigo.
First , I need to thanks Mrs Karen from " colour in a simple life " for giving me the permission to share this beautiful flower together with the granny that I have created .I have asked Mrs Karen if I can post the granny with her lily flower and Mrs. Karen kindly told me to do it with no problem.She has  a beautiful Blog full of beautiful projects, I'm inviting you to pass by and have fun looking on her wonderful projects.This  is the link for her Lily Pad Flower.....very easy Tutorial .
Counting and using the markers.
The 1st step of the granny.
Making the first corner.
The corner already made...then you start with the next step ...crocheting the 5 double crochet stitches.
This is the granny pattern to follow once you have the Lily Flower  already made.Turn the flower and follow step by step this graphic pattern.Very easy and quick. Always working in each of the 24 Back LOOPS of the flower . If you need to add few more rows just keep on going with the same steps....working with the corners and crocheting on top of each of the next double crochet stitches after crocheting the corners.
 This granny  is perfect to make blankets ,afghans , pillows and more .
 I really love this beautiful flower.Don't know what to make yet but still working with them.:0)
Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.
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