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Lily Flower , Project in Progress.

 Hi friends ....thanks for all your warm and nice comments day by day.Here I'm showing you  my project in progress , this Lily Flower was a beautiful flower that our friend Karen from " colour in a simple life " made and share a tutorial for everybody to make it if you like it,I'm sure everyone does.I did .I have finished only one , the Lily Flower with the center in yellow....all the others are for this coming weekend .
I'm thanking so much " Karen " for her tutorial and for this beautiful flower .Love it 'Karen " ...this is so cute.
 I'm inviting you all to visit " Karen " in " colour of a simple life ".
 I'm making granny squares with this beautiful flower.:))
 Unfinished  flower
 Here above you can see the granny already made.
 All the other flowers will be made in a different color .:0)
Unfinished Flowers .
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