A Granny for The Sibol Group......Once you have the flower following this pattern ,turn the flower.

Materials ,
1.Crochet hook , size 3.75 or 4.00
2.Any yarn ( in my case I had use 100 % cotton " Sugar and Cream "
3.A lot of Love the make this square.

Once you turn the flower,
1.Add a new color in 1 double crochet stitch from the center of the flower ...then.... chain 5

2.Skip 1 double crochet ,

2. Chain 5 , skip 1 more double crochet ,
Keep on going until you have a small square already made with the chains.

A Base made of chains for the GRANNY.
Now ......once you have the base , we are going to start with the GRANNY . In this first space you start making ,

3 double crochet , chain 2 and 3 double crochet .....then chain 1 and make 3 more double crochet .....look on the picture.

Repeat this step on all 4 spaces ...... you will see like a mess of double crochet but keep working on it.....nothing wrong will happen.

Back side of the Granny.

2. Row 2 for the GRANNY ......In the first corner .....crochet 3 double crochet , chain 2 , 3 double crochet.... once you have the corner , chain 1 then 3 double crochet ....then chain 1 ....... then 3 double crochet , chain 1 then another corner ...... 3 double crochet chain 2 and 3 double crochet .......and repeat . LOOK ON THE PICTURE BELOW

Back side.
AND ....this is how is looking ......keep on working until you have a 6 " inches square.Mine is a little larger because I used a larger hook and the 100 % cotton yarn...... plus I was crocheting a little loose.

3.Repeat step 2 .
A little larger because of the hook I had use and crocheting a little loose.....!
Back Side....all together ....no sewing.... :)) :)) :))

Thanks and have a wonderful day ....Blessings to all of you ...!

Note: PLEASE ...! I f you see any error let me know by leaving a short comment in this post or directly on my e- mail posted in here , my blog.

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Lorena Escobar dijo...

Muy lindo!!, gracias por compartir. Besos

Unknown dijo...

hola luna vos sabes que te sigo siempre y me encantan tus trabajos sos maravillosa te mando un beso y muy lindos grannys felicidades

Mrs Twins dijo...

Oh Luna this is fantastic thanks so much. I will definitely be using this one.
I have to go out now and later I will look again. Its really beautiful thank you so much.
Your instructions and photos are fantastic,
Hugs to you, many thanks, Suex

pitavola dijo...

Super bonito y muy bien explicado! gracias

Barbara Bradford dijo...

What a lovely square. Big Thanks for the tutorial, it's always so much easier with pictures. Ha Ha I must be getting old !!

Thank You Sweet Lady

MARIANA♥♥♥ dijo...

hOLA lUNA que lindo granny!!!
gracias por compartirlo

Elizabeth dijo...

Thank you, this is great!

Greetings, Elizabeth

Rosana dijo...

Gracias por la explicación, Luna, está genial.
Un abrazo.

Unknown dijo...

Muito legal, adorei as cores.
Com pap. tudo de bom.

" Syill " dijo...

muy lindo!!

Gloria Beatriz dijo...

Bello Bello Bello :)

Tu blog con los búhos, me encanto!!!

-.- -.-

~Dani~ dijo...

que lindos tus trabajos, felicidades, son muy explicativos, sobre todo para mi que no se mucho al respecto jajaja!! Te invito a pasar por mi blog, no tiene muchas cositas aun. Un abrazo, dani.

artramapi dijo...

Tu siempre compartiendo , que bien lo has explicado y me encanta tu nueva imagen del blog
un besote guapa

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