A Granny for The Sibol Group......Once you have the flower following this pattern ,turn the flower.

Materials ,
1.Crochet hook , size 3.75 or 4.00
2.Any yarn ( in my case I had use 100 % cotton " Sugar and Cream "
3.A lot of Love the make this square.

Once you turn the flower,
1.Add a new color in 1 double crochet stitch from the center of the flower ...then.... chain 5

2.Skip 1 double crochet ,

2. Chain 5 , skip 1 more double crochet ,
Keep on going until you have a small square already made with the chains.

A Base made of chains for the GRANNY.
Now ......once you have the base , we are going to start with the GRANNY . In this first space you start making ,

3 double crochet , chain 2 and 3 double crochet .....then chain 1 and make 3 more double crochet .....look on the picture.

Repeat this step on all 4 spaces ...... you will see like a mess of double crochet but keep working on it.....nothing wrong will happen.

Back side of the Granny.

2. Row 2 for the GRANNY ......In the first corner .....crochet 3 double crochet , chain 2 , 3 double crochet.... once you have the corner , chain 1 then 3 double crochet ....then chain 1 ....... then 3 double crochet , chain 1 then another corner ...... 3 double crochet chain 2 and 3 double crochet .......and repeat . LOOK ON THE PICTURE BELOW

Back side.
AND ....this is how is looking ......keep on working until you have a 6 " inches square.Mine is a little larger because I used a larger hook and the 100 % cotton yarn...... plus I was crocheting a little loose.

3.Repeat step 2 .
A little larger because of the hook I had use and crocheting a little loose.....!
Back Side....all together sewing.... :)) :)) :))

Thanks and have a wonderful day ....Blessings to all of you ...!

Note: PLEASE ...! I f you see any error let me know by leaving a short comment in this post or directly on my e- mail posted in here , my blog.
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