A Pot Holder ......!

This Pattern should be a " HOT PAD " but I decided to make a Pot Holder since I love to make them so much.How I found or how I got this Pattern? Well I was visiting one of our friends Blog and I noticed that she had make a cute square until I started reading the instructions and found out from where she got this easy and cute Pattern.Her Blog name is pink rose crochet just going on my list you can see it and click on it.....also she has this pattern from http://www.exploringwomanhood.com/ here you can find how to do it.....Well enjoy and happy crochetting!!!!!

Pot Holder !

This is how I made mine..: I made 9 rounds , the same , no more not less stitches.
Note: You can make it smaller or larger.Depend on your taste.

Hook - H.

Step One : a chain of 35 ....on the same single stitches you made the chain start making 1 (one) double crochet on top of each of the chain stitches until you reach the end (first you made ) close and keep crochetting until you make 9 lines ( small bag ) and then folded as an square....., look on the picture to have a better idea and a little help too.......Enjoy...!
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